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I just love the start of a new year! There’s something so exciting and motivating about a fresh new start. Its empowering to plan out your dreams and goals for the year ahead. Out with the old you and in with new! What are your resolutions for 2018?

One of the biggest goals I have set for myself is getting up early and working out, before getting the kids off to school. Since we were traveling over New Year’s, I started last Monday. I realized during my life as a mom my excuses for not working out enough have always been, I’m too tired or I don’t have enough time. Am I preaching to the choir mamas? For me the only time to guarantee I can get my workout done is first thing in the morning. This has required me to get up at 5am which I thought would be impossible, since I love my sleep, however it has been so worth it. So far since its only been a week, I have more energy than ever and I feel so accomplished. I am able to get so many more things checked off my to do list than ever before. I am hoping this first goal will help with my other resolutions of getting more organized and managing my time more wisely in this new year!

My gorgeous new Jord watch, is the perfect accessory for the new year. Its helping to keep me on track and manage my busy mom life all while keeping me stylish!

   With my planner for the new year and my gorgeous wood watch,  I’m sure to start off the year on the right foot!

I just adore this Jord watch! This style is so classic yet the wood details give it the perfect modern touch! I love this wood box it comes with to store my watch for years to come.



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 Jord watches are so unique yet have such a classic feel as well. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner these gorgeous wood watches would be the perfect gift idea for that special someone. There are different styles to choose from for both him and her. My mom gifted my little brother with a Jord watch for Christmas and it was one of his favorite gifts. He is a watch guy and found this one to be like nothing he’s seen before. It was the perfect addition to his watch collection. Now that I’ve seen first hand how perfect this watch is for a gift idea, and how much I adore mine as well, I can highly recommend it.

I chose this Zebra and Ivory watch from the Cassia collection, and I couldn’t love it more. I love a bold face that makes a statement and this watch does just that. The dainty band has gold intertwined with the wood, which was the main reason I chose this style. The detailing gives this style a rustic yet elegant feel, which is great for every day or can be dressed up.

Thanks to Jord wood watches, you can win a gorgeous wood timepiece of your own to help you stay on task and achieve your goals this new year! Just by entering the giveaway you also get a chance to win $100 off a gorgeous wood watch of your own, or for someone special!

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Teacher Gift Guide





And just like that in one week my kids will be done with the school year and on Summer vacation. This year just flew by! The Florida Summer begins very early as school lets out at the end of May. Before we wrap up the year, and say good bye to friends and classmates for the Summer, I always like to bless my kids teachers with a special end of the year gift! I just adored my kids teachers and teacher aides this year and am so grateful for all the love, grace, patience and knowledge they have bestowed upon these precious kids. Giving them an end of the year gift is just a small token of my appreciation but I couldn’t possibly thank them enough for an amazing year they provided for my babies. Teachers are truly Heroes! I have rounded up some teacher gift ideas for you! Whenever I am on the hunt for a gift for someone I am always sure to make it personal, keep their personal style, and lifestyle in mind, and make sure to keep it a practical item they will use! I love to give items that people generally wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would love to receive. I like to be creative with teacher gifts, because they receive so many cliche items, such as the old mug! I have picked out some practical fun gift ideas to send our teachers off on an enjoyable and relaxing Summer vacation! Gift certificates are also, a great practical gift for teachers to use to enjoy and treat themselves, however are not personal or memorable, so if you go that route I would add another more personal item. For example you could find a cute monogram tumbler and put a Starbucks gift card inside it. Another example would be a Spa gift certificate and then also include a fun beach towel to go with theme.  You get the idea! Have fun and be creative with it and remember personal and practical are key. People can tell if a gift was thought out ahead of time or thrown together last minute. No matter what the item may be or the amount you might spend both will not matter to them, but knowing the thought and planning you did is what make people feel so special and truly appreciated.

Thank you teachers and happy Summer vacation!

Love, Katie

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