Our PB Farm Kitchen Remodel

Back in October we started our kitchen remodel over at the Palm Beach Farm! This was our first renovation. We knew we wanted to try to get the kitchen and floors completed before moving into the house with 3 very active little boys! The timing worked out so perfectly as we hadn’t sold our old home yet and once the kitchen was completed in February we closed on our old home just in time to move into our Palm Beach farmhouse. What a blessing that was. Now, I call our home a farmhouse because that is my home decor style however its not exactly a farm. For South Fl living it could be considered farm like because it has a very northern feel, almost woods like with huge trees and we also have our fair share of wildlife, our neighbors have a pet pig! When we first saw this house I loved it right away! Did it need a lot of work? Yes, but you always have to look past cosmetics, because that all can eventually be changed. I loved the layout of this house, and the character. It was so different, none like any other we had seen and it had such amazing potential! I fell in love with the original reclaimed wood beams that we ended up staining a weathered gray color and now I love them even more. I will show you those another day! As far as the kitchen goes, I knew I wanted a modern farmhouse style, I knew I wanted a white kitchen, I knew I wanted an X wood detail design on the island, and I knew I wanted some glam lighting fixtures to add flare to my home decor style which is what I call elegant farmhouse! Lighting is everything, it seriously can make a house! It’s the accessory to the home, just like jewelry is to an outfit! Our house being in a coastal town also has some coastal charm tied in with the farmhouse style! Once I had my overall vision in mind, we found our contractor and I shared my kitchen dreams and visions with him and we began working on the drawings. In the mean time I began to work with a designer who I absolutely loved working with. I knew my overall vision but needed help to acually achieve it. ┬áThat’s where Sabrina came in and helped me with cabinet finishes, floor options, materials, paint colors, etc. I couldn’t of achieved the look I was so yearning for without her help to get me there! She is so talented and I love her work! You will see more of her work to come! Here is a peak at the before pictures of the kitchen. Sorry I only have three for you to see. We did a total gut job, it was a lot of work, took forever to complete and frustrating at times, but looking back wow was it worth it when you end up with your dream kitchen! I love seeing transformations and looking back at these pictures makes me realized how far we’ve come and how much hard work we put into our home. Hope you enjoy and follow long for more of our Palm Beach Farmhouse renovations!

Love, Katie